Battle of POLO`s- 2021

These works are the result of analyzing two opposite worlds- inner and outer. Both of them consists out of some sort of conflict and therefore I named these series “Battle of POLO’s”.

The inner conflict represents my need/ desire for beautiful, modern and branded fashion items while on the opposite side lays recognition that this need is extremely superficial. Result of this conflict is constant feeling of guilt. Is this guilt justified and can I avoid it? If the world considers some fashion items as a work of art (which some of them truly are), does that make it more tolerable to invest money in them? Since I can’t afford marvelous creations by Oscar De La Renta or Christian Dior I chose exactly the opposite- a basic “POLO shirt” and I focused on brands that are famous for making them. I wanted to experiment and see if this superficiality will gain some depth if I manage to use this clothing for creating different, another form of art.

The outer conflict studies the “battle” of these brands as they try to “rule” the fashion industry. While I was searching and reading about history of POLO shirts as we know today, I was stunned by the amount of brands that took the original design by Rene Lacoste and started mass producing their own, but of course with different logos- foxes, tigers, moose, penguins… Nevertheless, Lacoste and Ralph Lauren remain unquestionable synonyms both for the name and the design of this shirt. Therefore, they are the most equal in this “battle”. In my collages, Logos are placed in space or landscape that I made from Lacoste’s and Ralph Lauren’s current collections by using photos from their official websites.